Hot-Smoking, Cooking and Cooling Installations

Smoking and drying installation AEROMAT

The smoking and drying installation AEROMAT is the perfect solution for a variety of different thermal treatments. It is a combined Hot-Smoking and Cooking Installation for reddening, drying, smoking, boiling, cooking and cold-smoking which will give you optimum product results at any time.

Cooling Installation

In the Intensive Cooling Installation the products to be cooled immediately after the thermal treatment are cooled with water to a certain core temperature and afterwards dried with an intensive air flow. 


TOWERPOOL is the efficient way to cook, pasteurize and cool down foodstuff in an even manner no matter how densely packed.The products can be in a presstower, E1/E2 crates or loose on a tray.

Cooking Installation

The Cooking Installation is used for perfect thermal treatment of cooked meat and sausage proucts via direct steam input.