The AQUAMAT TWIN is a water bath installation from VEMAG ANLAGENBAU which is both applied for packed food and for cooking and cooling of meat products in artificial casing. There is also a possibility to cook vegetables, potatoes or even pasta.

It is a two-storied installation, i.e. it works on two levels one above the other. Products being heated on the upper level and cooled on the lower one. 


  • Economical and gentle cooking, pasteurizing and cooling in a water bath in minimal space
  • Water as a medium to transmit thermal energy for a fast and consistent heating with positive results towards BBD, firmness and taste
  • Exact processing time by use of wire belts with drivers
  • Individual adjustment of belt speed per track for a fast product change
  • Simple design for highest safety in operation
  • Few wear parts and a solid design for la low-maintenance machine
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to large lock-open covers throughout the whole length of the installation
  • Separation of tracks makes it possible to produce 4 products at the same time with 2 different process times
  • Automatic process for saving considerable staff outlay
  • Water circuit saves operating costs
  • Gentle treatment without handling reduces reject product significantly

Cost savings with installations of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU

The calculation of the cost savings shown beneath is based on a production of sausages with synthetic casings with calibre 20, a length of 190 mm and a weight per piece of 60g. In the example the production is running on 5 days and 80 hours per week in a two shift operation and 1.000 sausages are made per hour.

An example comparing the water consumption and the personnel costs:

I. Water consumptionAQUAMAT TWINcooking and intensive cooling installationcooking/ inten-sive cooling tank
consumption per hourl/h1003.8006.100
water change1-1
capacity of cooking zonel1.200,0-2.200,0
capacity of cooling zone l1.800,0-2.200,0
total consumption of water l/week11.000304.000492.400
costs per m³ in GermanyEur/m³444
Costs water per weekEUR44,00 €1.216,001.969,60 €
Costs water per monthEUR176,00 €4.864,007.878,40 €

The enormous water saving potential is getting obvious especially by seeing the water consumption. The water circulation system reduces the water consumption radically.

II. Deployment daily production AQUAMAT TWIN cooking + intensive cooling installtation coooking + inten-sive cooling tank
working time per day h 2 16 16
hourly rate Eur / h 25 25 25
Personnel costs per week EUR 250,00 2000,00 2000,00
Personnel costs per month EUR 1000,00 8000,00 8000,00

For the AQUAMAT only a minimal assignment of personnel is needed thanks to the high automation grade. One employee alone can manage and control the whole installation during one shift.

If we add furthermore the energy costs to our example, we get the total monthly costs of the production as follows:

Results AQUAMAT TWIN coooking + intensive cooling installation cooking + intensive cooling tanks
Costs steam EUR / week 392,57 € 278,54 € 283,11 €
Costs cold EUR / week 442,80 € 111,60 € -
Costs water EUR / week 44,00 € 1.216,00 € 1.969,60 €
Costs electricity EUR / week 224,00 € 195,20 € 96,00 €
Costs employees EUR / week 510,00 € 2.050,00 € 2.050,00 €
additional costs EUR / week 5,44 € 133,33 € -
Total costs per week EUR / week 1.618,81 € 3.984,68 € 4.398,71 €
Total costs per months EUR / months 6.475,24 € 15.938,72 € 17.594,84 €