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Sales Meeting at VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH from 28 to 30 March 2017

The focus of our Sales Meeting was on new applications and exchange of information and knowledge.

During our Sales Meeting new applications in the field of cooking, cooling, drying and maturing were introduced to 60 distribution partners from more than 30 countries.
Cooling down bread was focus as well as drying pet food and cooking of vacuum-packed products. Furthermore we had a short introduction in thawing of pharmaceuticals.

Apart from new applications our innovations regarding smoke generating technology could not be passed up. On the Anuga FoodTec in 2016 we introduced our Smoke Generator H 503. One workshop on the Sales Meeting devoted to this topic. Meanwhile, several devices are running, initial experience have been made and presented. Our conclusion: The closed Glowing Smoke Generator is characterized by fast process times, a high degree of operational safety and maximum user-friendliness. By the way, H503 can be installed at any old VEMAG ANLAGENBAU chamber.

In our new Customer Center all participants were able to get to the practical side, i.e. filling sausages and accompanying the thermal process itself. Our team of technologists, Wolfgang Elsner and Hilmar Szymkowiak, was available for any question about sausages. Information regarding all kinds of guts, spices, different products and the process itself has been provided.

„The exchange of information and knowledge between countries is essential to learn and benefit from the experience of others“, explained Andreas Kurowski, Director of Sales. „And that is why we closely involved our sales partners for the first time”. Next to Denmark, Romania, Norway, Canada and Finland also Poland, Mexico and Croatia reported on their market, special projects and the cooperation with VEMAG ANLAGENBAU.

Ultimately it was a successful convention and the new facility of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH was celebrated properly!

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