Newsletter No. 02

An exciting and eventful 2010 is now drawing to a close. Following the global economic crisis of 2009, an upward trend in the economy became apparent right at the start of this year, with the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt in May, in particular, demonstrating that a lot of money was being invested in our sector again.

As a consequence, we can look back on a very successful 2010 and are approaching 2011 with much confidence and many plans.

With this in mind, we would like to use today's newsletter to thank you for our fruitful collaboration this year.

Of course, we also need to report interesting news about VEMAG ANLAGENBAU to show you that we will continue using innovative products and creative ideas next year to satisfy the demanding requirements of our international industrial clientele.

We wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas and every success in your personal and professional life in the New Year!

Yours faithfully, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH

CLIMAMAT STAR® TWIN – Perfect long-life meat products thanks to precision-weight maturing

In the manufacture of long-life meat products, water is withdrawn from the product in a controlled drying process to achieve shelf life. The handling of this drying process decides the quality of the final product as well as the efficiency of the production. The more precise and reliable a maturing installation works the less safety add-ons debit the production.

With the CLIMAMAT STAR® installations Salami and raw cured meats are matured, dried and smoked particularly gently and reliably.

The CLIMAMAT STAR® TWIN climatic installation combines now the classic process steps of pre-maturing and post-maturing in one single installation. Without moving trolleys calibrated raw sausages can be matured and smoked with complete precision in the shortest possible time.

The developed and for patent applied technique by VEMAG ANLAGENBAU combines the vertical air delivery of a classic maturing installation with the horizontal air delivery of a storage room. The switch between air flow directions is performed either automatically by the installation control unit or as a result of your manual settings. The frequency of the change of air direction can be adapted individually in every program to suit the requirements of your products. This allows air to flow through the trolley alternately from the bottom up and from the top down, resulting in a very high level of precision of drying throughout the trolley and throughout the installation. Weight losses are almost fully eliminated and furthermore a consistent quality of products is guaranteed.

Each of the two injection ducts has two rows of nozzles which expel air downwards and to the side. Inside they have a pneumatically-driven changeover flap, which alternately covers the lateral or bottom expulsion nozzles. Thanks to this technology the CLIMAMAT STAR® installation takes up no more space than a classic maturing installation which works with double injection ducts. The air return for vertical air flow is in the ceiling and for horizontal air flow on both sides on the bottom next to the trolleys.

A 3D animated video of this installation principle you can see here:

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AEROMAT VARIO PF – guarantees continuous production

Falling profit margins and increasingly fierce competition make efficient production an absolute prerequisite for a successful food manufacturer.

Sausage-making is a clear example of how the reliability of a production installation is the key factor in a manufacturer's success. An installation is reliable if it has little or no down time, if it is flexible and if it is also easy to operate and maintain with few staff.

Conventional installations for making a relatively large production quantity of cooked sausage efficiently are usually thermocompound installations (a combination of hot-smoking and intensive cooling installation) or classic continuous installations with several treatment zones. Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks. Whilst the particular strength of thermocompound installations is their flexibility, they need greater manual intervention by staff; continuous installations, on the other hand, provide continuous, automated production with few staff, but are often inflexible if ranges change frequently - and they consume a great deal of energy.

The AEROMAT VARIO PF system from VEMAG ANLAGENBAU combines the benefits of both types of installation whilst eliminating their drawbacks. It guarantees continuous production which is not only reliable, but is also flexible and energy-saving.

This is because the AEROMAT VARIO PF makes it possible to change products quickly and easily, but also allows batch-based thermal treatment or part-load operation. Following continuous filling, its intelligent conveying system allows fully-automatic transport to and from the individual batch installations. Cleaning times are incorporated directly in the production sequence and detailed process documentation facilitates controlled, energy-optimized production.

If a fault ever does occur, only the relevant part (not the entire installation) goes down, so the rest of the production process can continue.

You like to know more? See our AEROMAT VARIO PF in action here:

[ Video: Böklunder]

Of course, we would be delighted to provide you with more information should you require it!

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VEMAG ANLAGENBAU supporting the
"Aktion Kinderträume" [Children's Dreams] charity

This year, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU is making a second donation to the "Aktion Kinderträume" charity, whose patron is Mrs Margit Tönnies.

This year's donation from VEMAG ANLAGENBAU was used to help a family who urgently needed a car modified for disabled use. Their 9 year-old son is severely disabled and his height and weight meant that he could no longer be lifted into a car. This significantly restricted the whole family's social life, as they were no longer able to participate in leisure activities together. Now that the car has been converted, the whole family is mobile again and able to go on trips together.

We were so impressed by the work done by the "Aktion Kinderträume" charity last year that we were delighted to help another family this year.

If you are interested in this charity and its work, you can find out more about it at Aktion Kinderträume