Newsletter No. 01

For many years now, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU has been a market leader in the development of intelligent and innovative system solutions in the thermal treatment of food stuffs. We always use the most modern, state-of-the-art technology and therefore continually optimise our product portfolio. This consists of systems for smoking, cooking, cooling, drying, maturing, thawing and pasteurising.

From now on, we would love to keep you regularly informed about this, in the form of a convenient electronic newsletter. We will use the newsletter to inform you about completed projects both at home and abroad, as well as about technical and technological progresses for improvement that are soon to be implemented. We will complete our newsletter with interesting background information about our company.

In our first edition today, we would particularly like to draw your attention to our redesigned homepage which will be regulary expanded with actual contents. Using the links of the newsletter articles, you can also follow the link directly to our new internet pages for further details.

We hope now, you enjoy reading the first edition!

Yours faithfully, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH


Cost savings with installations of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU

Did you know that with the AQUAMT TWIN by VEMAG ANLAGENBAU you can reduce your monthly production costs up to 60%?

The AQUAMAT TWIN is a water bath installation which can be used for the pasteurization of packed products as well as for the cooking and cooling of foodstuffs.

Compared to traditional cooking and intensive cooking installations the AQUAMAT TWIN permits an automated and continuous production. Hence the complex hanging and switching of products as well as stand by and heating up times during batch processes cease to exit completely.

The AQUAMAT TWIN works extremely energy-efficient and hence very cost-effective thanks to its almost closed construction and water flow in a circulation system.

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Industrial production of sausage products –
cost-effectivness because of automation

Especially in times of reduced ressources and reduced margins, solutions for automation, energy saving and process safety during the production process of food is getting more and more important.

Innovative system installations by VEMAG ANLAGENBAU enable a complete automation which helps to minimize the production costs.

For example the extension of products from 1000mm to 3200mm saves four cuts which reduces extremly the material costs in an automated production compared to a manual production.

But these product dimensions are because of their weight no longer realizable manually. Therefore the VEMAG AEROMAT VARIO ST uses a new automation technique for the loading and unloading as well as for the thermal treatment. This results in enormous potentials for rationalization also of personnel costs, as only one emplyee is needed to take care of the complete production with the AEROMAT VARIO ST.

Due to the full automatized processes and several installed control and documentation possibilities the reproducability of products is always guaranteed. The complete documentation oft he production process fulffills not only all legal environmental and hygienic conditions, but ensures also a constant product quality.

First clients are already convinced by the AEROMAT VARIO ST – but see for yourself!


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Efficient class 1 motors (EFF1)

Since IFFA 2010 VEMAG ANLAGENBAU uses for all hot smoking installations also high efficient circulation fan motors. These motors help to reduce the energy consumption during the production of sausages. In cold smoking installations they help to reduce extremly the energy costs and therfore also the CO2-emissions for already over one year.

Starting with 16.06.2011 it is mandatory in the European Union to work with energy saving motors with the new introduced efficient class IE2. The EFF1 motor by VEMAG ANLAGENBAU fulfills already today the requirements of this new class and the motor offers all advantages to work in particular efficient.

With the introduction of the EFF1-motors in hot smoking installations the change from handling with before two available fan speed to the handling with only one frequeny changer is also taking place. For this reason it is standard now to choose the optimal recirculation air quantity in each process step individually. This also enables a huge reduction of energy.

For example during the production of a batch Wiener Sausages by using only to the same time EFF1-motors and a reduced fan speed to 80% in the frequency changer a reduction of energy up to 15% of the total fan output can be achieved.

We look forward calculating your individual energy saving potentials. Please just contact us!

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