Cooked and smoked sausage

For the cost-conscious upgrading of cooked sausage, such as fine and coarse cooked sausage, Wiener and Bratwurst, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides the latest system solutions to reddening, drying, smoking, cooking, boiling and cooling. 

Raw sausage / ham

For the reproducable production of raw sausage and ham, such as firm and creamy raw sausage and raw ham (Schwarzwälder Schinken), VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides individual climatic installations for pre- and post maturing. 

Cooked sausage / ham

For the efficient production of cooked sausage and ham, such as liver sausage, paté and cooked ham, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides economic solutions to cooking and cooling. 


For the economic upgrading of smoked fish, such as salmon, eel, mackerel or trout, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides optimum installations for drying and smoking. 

Pet food

For the intensive and cost-conscious drying of meat for dog and cat snacks such as meat sticks, snacks, jerkey strips or dog chews, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH offers the right solution.

Deep frozen products

For the gentle and hygienic thawing of meat, fish, poultry and also of non-meat products, such as fruit or vegetables, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides customer-specific thawing installations. 


For the reliable maturation and smoking of cheese, such as hard, cut and soft cheese, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU provides the perfect equipment. 


For a controlled cooling down of the bread directly after the baking process, VEMAG ANLAGENBAU offers optimum cooling and storage rooms.