App Version 1.0, 05/2013

765 MB
WiFi-Connection needed!

To install an App via a link from the internet (and not the Google Play Store) you may have to change your settings first. Please select  „settings > applications“ and activate „unkown sources“. Afterwards you can proceed with the download by clicking on the button. You will be guided through the installation. 

750 MB
With just one click on the button you will start downloading the file named „VEMAGShowroom1.1.exe“.
Once the download is completed, you can execute the file with a double-click. You will be asked to unpack the files by clicking „unpack“. Afterwards you will be guided through the installation.


950 MB
WiFi-Connection needed!

This version is optimized for Apple iPad3. Therefore you will only be able to start this download with an appropriate device (iPad 2-3). By clicking the button the installation will automatically be executed and completed.